Overby is fourth oldest brother of Kilroy ; and is the only brother of Kilroy that is a Smoe (Luke the Spook and Flywheel are not Smoes).


Early Life Edit

When WWII erupted; Overby volunteered for the Army along with the rest of the brothers (excluding Luke the Spook). After the war; he took up sports as a career. He is currently a major deep-sea fishing; rugby; baseball; basket ball; golf; tennis; cricket; and croquet player; as well as various other sports. His closest siblings are Kilroy and Flywheel; and he dislikes Luke the Spook for good reasons.

Assistance in Post-Luke the Spook Vandalism Sprees Edit

After Operations Meltdown; Flattop and Pie-Panic; Overby assisted in caring for the victims terrorized by Luke the Spook and his Smoes. Overby has received many major medals and awards for his assistance.

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