"Hold on; that's my idiot brother !": Kilroy.

Kilroy 2
Kilroy himself.







Closest Sibling/s

Flywheel; Luke the Spook


Globetrotter; Mayor of Mount Kilroy

In office



Mount Kilroy

Kilroy is the oldest of the Kilroy Brothers; with the second oldest being Flywheel ; and Luke the Spook the third oldest. Kilroy was famous for his WWII Servie; and currenty governs his own independent town.

Early Life- The WarEdit

Kilroy lived in the old Mount Kilroy Power Station (Now the Mount Kilroy Power Museum) with his many brothers. It is not known how many brothers he has; but is rumoured to be many. Kilroy worked as a dockmaster at the Fore River Shipyard in 1937; eventually starting the "Kilroy Was Here " fad.In 1939; he signed up for the U.S. Army; followed by Flywheel. Luke the Spook refused to volunteer; and took up a job as a civilian dock worker (not the Fore River Shipyard). During their faithful service; Kilroy and Flywheel saw the Attack on Pearl Harbour; and the battles for Wake Island; Taroa; Coral Sea; Midway; Guadalcanal; Tarawa; Marianas; Attu; The Phillipes; Iwo Jima; Okinowa; and both atomic bombings of Japan. They also saw action in the Doolittle Raid. After the War; Kilroy and Flywheel returned home as heroes; earing the honor of the Most Decorated Soldiers of WWII.

Post-War Life. Edit

After returing from the war; he discovered that the power station he lived in was preserved as a power museum. He was a little depressed; but he was glad that the station was preserved in one peice. Built in Art Deco Style; it was a beautiful structure. In 1952; Luke the Spook began his life of crime; and left his brothers. Kilroy and the rest of the brotherhood boarded at the War Vets' Home until they could find a new home. They didn't expect what was going to happen next.

Kilroy gets the Big EEdit

In 1959; the USS Enterprise CV-6 was sold for scrap after plans to turn her into a museum ship had failed. This gave Kilroy an idea. Once the ship arrived in Kearney Nebraska to be scrapped; Kilroy spoke to the owner of the scrapyard; a Smoe named Hagopion (Pronounced Haa-gop-ien. Hagopion agreed to give Kilroy the scrapped peices of the ship so that he could rebuild the Big E and use her as a new dwelling for him and his siblings. Once the Big E was in broken up; Kilroy collected the pieces and paid Hagopion more than what the ship was worth; and cheerfully took the parts away. Kilroy bought an old building in the middle of town; and demolished it to make way for his new aircraft carrier home.

Oh Brother!Edit

In 1963; The ASmoeciation was formed by Luke the Spook; angering Kilroy. Graffiti began popping up around Mount Kilroy; leaving a nasty mark on the town. He was angered further after Luke the Spook entered KoopaTown and destroyed the seaside neighborhood of Orlando Grove. KoopaTown itself underwent a mass vandalizing; angering it's mayor; Morton J. DalKoopa. Morton and Kilroy got together and formed a joint operation to rid the city of the menace. After the city's landmark 400 story active nuclear fusion power station was vandalized; plans were made to quickly find and deport the loco Kilroy. Luke was finally caught and punished; but that was just the start.

Fishy FrenzyEdit

On March 15 1971; Luke the Spook entered and vandalized the Mount Kilroy Aquarium; breaking Flywheel's heart and angering Kilroy. The pesky Spook was caught and convicted; and the aquarium was finally restored.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Kilroy is still the mayor of Mount Kilroy; and has made it clear that if Luke the Spook is seen in Mount Kilroy again; he is to be caught on sight. Today the entire population of Mount Kilroy (consisting of nothing but Smoes) carries weapons with them in case Luke the Spook comes back.

Photo GalleryEdit

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