• Kilroyman

    Welcome to the Kilroy Wiki. Before you do anything here: you must read the Wiki Rules that have been set up by Kilroy's brother, Murphy.

    1. No non-Kilroy related content allowed. Anything like that found on this wiki will be purged on sight!

    2. No Pornographic or mature content allowed. Anybody that's found doing this will be banned permanently!

    3.'Kilroy is here to stay! All images on this site are copyright of the admin (ME). Permission is required to use these images off the wiki.

    4.'Foul language is strictly prohibited! Words like tosser are lightly accepted

    5.'NO RIVALRY. Ex. (I edited more pages than you: I added more photos than you).

    6. Any image uploaded will be reviewed by the admin to make sure it legible to be on the Wiki.

    7.'No cyber-b…

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